Eyebrow Restyle $65

This is your initial appointment at our salon.

We begin all restyle appointments with a consultation from your brow stylist which is tailored to your unique face shape and features. This appointment includes reshaping your brows using wax, tint and any tweezing that may need to be done and finished off with time for questions and any other necessary information.

Eyebrow Wax & Tint $45

These appointments are for our returning clients.

Most maintenance clients return monthly, although depending on personal preference and how strong your hair growth is, these appointments can range anywhere between 3-8 weeks. This appointment includes waxing, tinting and trimming your brows to maintain and achieve your desired shape.  Clients that have not been back into our salon within 3 months of their last visit will require another restyle appointment.

Other Services

We also offer all waxing and tinting services to our regular eyebrow clients. Please contact us for all further pricing and enquiries.